10 Tips That Help You Making Waxing Hair Removal Like a Professional At Home

Hair removal at home is now a piece of cake. Through some drills, you will be waxed like a professional. Read more to find out how.

There is no doubt that waxing is the best way to keep hairless and lubricated for a long time. However, travelling to the salon may be very inconvenient, let alone costly. Have you considered waxing at home? It’s really simple. But before you start, you need to remember some things.

10 Tips to help you wax like a professional at home:


  1. Get ready to wax kit Collect all the information: wax , talcum powder, body scrub, body lotion and painkiller. Carefully pick hair wax. For sensitive skin, please select skin that passes clinical testing. If you are not sure, aloe-based products are always safe.


  1. Exfoliating Gentle exfoliation helps to soften body hair and open hair follicles, making waxing easier and easier. Exfoliation also prevents hair from growing inward. Although the biggest possibility of inward growth is on the legs, exfoliating in other parts of your body, not only before waxing, but also 2-3 times a week, will make you feel great.


  1. Ensuring proper hair length To properly adhere the wax to the hair, it must be neither short nor too long. Make sure your hair is no less than 1/4 inch and no more than 3/4 inch in length.


  1. Program pains Waxing can be a little painful. Reduce it by ejecting a painkiller half an hour before waxing or by applying an analgesic cream to the area you are waxing. Yes, please do not wax during your period or 1-2 days. You are more sensitive to pain.


  1. No sweat Wash and dry the area to be waxed. Do not apply creams, moisturizers or deodorants on the day of waxing. No oil or moisture will stick the wax to the hair.


  1. Confirm the temperature The hard wax needs to be heated before application. It’s too cold, it won’t be properly communicated. It’s too hot, you risk your own burns. The ideal temperature is warm. Of course, if you use a cold wax strip, the temperature will not be presented.


  1. The right direction When you apply wax to the direction of hair growth, you must pull in the opposite direction. When pulling it out, keep the strip close to your skin. Resolute and decisive, not slow to die. Grit your teeth and pull!


  1. Wash after waxing Use cold water to remove any wax residue (hot water will damage!), now moisturizing.


  1. Go once, go twice and wax to have a wound on the skin. Do not go beyond the same area one or two times, or you may have a rash. Eliminate any stubborn strands.


  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help If you are waxing at home for the first time, please ask someone, especially those who are hard to reach. After this process, remember to use a moisturizer to calm your skin. Pick one that is made for your skin.


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