10 wrong commons that most women believe in hair removal

When summer comes, most women will be crazy about keeping smooth, hairless skin for as long as possible. When choosing the method of hair removal, there are various legend-ways that appear in our minds. Have you ever thought that there are many common senses of error in the way eliminate the hair?


1.Hair removal with a razor will make the hair thicker.

Hair removal with a razor does not make the hair thicker and darker. This is a deep-rooted misconception in society but using a razor blade does not change the thickness or color of the hair, as it depends only on the hair follicle. The problem is that it gives the impression that all hair grows at the same time and has the same thickness from the beginning to the end.



2.Laser hair removal is permanent.

Laser is the most effective method of hair removal, but it is not permanent. Indeed, it destroys the hair follicles, so most of the hair disappears, but there is always a part of the hair that has not been destroyed. Especially if the hair removal site is a hormone zone, because hair reappears is limited by our hormone levels.


3.Hot wax can cause varicose veins to appear.

This statement is wrong because the appearance of varicose veins depends on everyone’s circulation. To be sure, if you have problem with the circulatory system, it is recommended to use cold waxing or other types of waxing instead of hot wax. If you already have varicose veins, wax may make things worse.


4.Using a razor for hair removal can eliminate tanning.

This is a completely wrong statement and the duration of tanning depends only on the hydration of the skin and the amount of melanin. Moreover, by removing dead cells from the blade, you will get more brightness and more beautiful skin color.

5.More squeezing with a razor more getting closer to the shaving.

It is not necessary to press the blade on the skin or use the razor multiple times in the same area for more accurate results. If you gently slide the razor over your skin, you can avoid cuts that can occur when you apply a lot of pressure.


6.Laser hair removal will cause the damage of skin.

There are many urban legends about how laser hair removal burns the skin, but it is not. The role of this type of hair removal is to eliminate hair follicles without damaging the adjacent structures of the epidermis.

7.Cannot laser hair removal in summer.

Yes, it can be done, but in places where there is no tanning, then use a highly protective sunscreen. It is not recommended to do it just after sunbathing because they will have spots or small burns.


8.Before shaving, you must exfoliate.

This is completely wrong. If you don’t want your skin to be hurt, you should not do this. To be sure, exfoliation helps remove dead cells and makes hair removal more successful. After exfoliation, the epidermis is very sensitive, so it is recommended to be at least 24 hours in advance.


9.Hair removal cream has the same effect as the hair-remove blade.

This is not true, the time of use of the hair removal cream is longer. In addition, the depilatory cream makes the skin feel softer as the hair grows with the growth of the rounded tip and the tip is sharper.


10.The elimination of root hair is the best way.

It depends on the type of skin. Removing the hair roots can cause problems such as folliculitis, because of these methods, the hair follicles undergo aggression, producing a smaller wound that sometimes causes inflammation and infection. Therefore, if you have encountered this problem before, you should not remove the hair from the root of the area.





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