6 Skin Types and Skin Care Methods

There are a lot of girls who can’t tell what skin they are. In the skin care process, they don’t know how to skin care, so today the factory manager will share some dry goods knowledge, how to distinguish oily or dry skin and how to care?

1, dry skin

Dry skin has only one characteristic, it is dry, the shortcoming is the perennial desert skin, and it is easy to grow some dry lines. The advantage of dry skin is that it is not easy to produce oil on the face, and there are few cases of acne. Dry skin sisters should pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating in the skin care, use some moisturizing skin care products, and dry skin girls should pay attention to anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.

2, oily skin

Oily skin and dry skin are two different extremes. The face of the oily skin girl is always oily. Even if it is not coated with anything, it will not feel very dry. The whole face is a large oil field all year round, and it does not feel dry after washing the face. The advantage of oil skin is that the skin looks very full and firm, and it is easy to wrinkle like dry skin. The disadvantage is that it will repeatedly acne, inflammation, and easy to remove makeup after makeup. Oil skin sisters should pay attention to cleansing when skin care, if you have more acne, you can use some products containing fruit acid acne, try to use some refreshing non-greasy products.

3, neutral skin

Neutral skin is the most ideal skin condition, no oil and no dry, no acne can not afford skin, basically no problem, in general, the baby is this kind of neutral skin, very moist. Neutral skin is usually the most important thing to do is to do basic moisturizing and hydration. When you are older, do anti-aging, so you don’t need to do anything else.

4, sensitive skin

Sensitive muscles should be specially treated. Generally, these symptoms, the cuticle is relatively thin, and there will be red blood. It is very easy to be allergic when the season is dry. Now there are many girls whose skin is sensitive and sensitive. One of the most important skin care steps for girls is to repair the skin barrier, use less functional products, or test for sensitizers before using the product.

5, dry skin

The dry skin is generally characterized by oil in the t-zone, and the cheeks are relatively dry. In the skin care, the T zone should be cleaned. In the autumn and winter, some moisturizing cream should be used. In the summer, the refreshing type can be used.

6, mixed skin texture

Oil-mixed skin is oil in the t-zone, dry on the cheeks, sometimes acne, redness or inflammation, usually pay more attention to moisturizing and hydrating, pay attention to water and oil balance, but also have two muscle fastings every week. Give the skin some time to breathe and rest.

In general, girls should pay attention to three aspects when they are in skin care. One is to clean, the other is to moisturize, and the third is to pay attention to sun protection. If you want to have a good skin condition, then you should stick to your care.

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