7 things to pay attention to when waxing hair removal

Lead: Summer is the season of bare skin, the skin without hair blocking is the most attractive. Wax hair removal can remove body hair and can be maintained for up to three weeks, making it a choice for many people. What should I pay attention to when waxing hair removal?

What should I pay attention to when waxing hair?


1, Add a set of household waxing hair removal tools


Hair removal at home can ensure that the cleanliness of hands and space is much less than the chance of contracting the skin in a beauty salon. Before applying wax to your skin, you need to wash your hands beforehand to avoid skin infections. Be careful not to use alcohol to disinfect the hair removal area.


2, carefully choose hair removal beauty salon

If you are more inclined to go to a beauty salon, it is best to follow the advice of experienced friends, or browse the pictures and comments of the beauty salon to ensure that it has a hygienic environment, to ensure that the beautician has the habit of washing hands and changing the pad of the console.


3, do not use exfoliating products before hair removal


Products containing exfoliating or retinol will make the skin thinner, because it is fragile and sensitive. If it is depilated, the skin will be severely embrittled and even burnt. A week before the beeswax depilation, the product containing retinoids and hydroxy acids should be stopped, and the scrub should be stopped for exfoliation.


4, do not remove hair in the week before menstruation or menstruation


This is the period when the female body is most sensitive to pain, so it is best to remove the wax after the menstruation.

5, after the waxing hair removal needs to calm the skin


If the hair removal area is bikini, armpit or eyebrows, use ice cubes to calm the skin before depilation, then use ice cubes to calm the skin after depilation, then moisturize the skin with aloe-free aloe vera cream.


6, do not go to the gym immediately after hair removal


After the hair removal, the pores are enlarged, so if you go to the gym to sweat at this time, it will increase the risk of bacterial transmission. In addition, avoid wearing tight-fitting spandex workout clothes, which can cause skin irritation and acne outbreaks.


7, If the skin feels pain 24 hours after depilation, consult a doctor.

The next day after the waxing of the wax, if you still feel pain and swelling, then it is best to consult a dermatologist.


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