As a beautiful girl, you should know some knowledge about depilation

If there are no popsicles and skirts in summer, the existence of summer has the meaning of a magic horse.

Walking in the street with long snow-white legs, smooth arms, swan neck, and then look at yourself, thick leg hair, rough armpit

God! As a beautiful girl, how can I “take the hair” to battle! Come on, depilate!

For summer depilation, ladies and sisters must have their own experience. This is a practical little tips for unharmed hair removal. Let’s choose a suitable hair removal method~

1.Hair shaving knife

Shaving knife depilation is a common way of depilation. It can be used when bathing. The advantages are simple, convenient and easy to carry. But pay attention to choose a mild blade, so as not to hurt the skin.

As the shaver is only for surface scratching, it will come back after 2-3 days. It should be used frequently~

2.Hair removal cream

The principle of depilation cream and shaver is essentially the same. Apply depilation cream to the root of the hair, the ingredients in the cream will soften the root until it falls off, to achieve the effect of depilation.

The selection of depilation cream and shaver mainly depends on the individual. Xiaobian prefers hair removal cream because it always feels like shaving

However, because the cream is alkaline, it must not stay on the surface of the skin for too long. It will hurt the skin.

3.Electric hair remover


Compared with depilation cream and shaver, the depilation instrument has a very high-cost performance. After the hair remover is fully charged, it’s good to shave directly. It’s clean and doesn’t hurt the skin. The point is that it’s fast and doesn’t get tired. This is recommended for wall cracks~


3.Depilatory wax

As shown in the figure, the use process of depilation wax can be said to be quite sour and refreshing… However, after this way of depilation, the growth of hair is relatively slow, and new hair will grow about a week later. The little sister who is not afraid of pain can try it~

Of course, you can’t bask in the sun after depilation. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can damage hair follicles and cause pigmentation. Try not to go out after depilation, or wear long-sleeved trousers.

Usually, pay more attention to the diet, eat less spicy and stimulating things, supplement water in time, and maintain the moisture of the skin. When you wash your face and take a bath, you can add some white vinegar to the water, which will soften the hair and delay the growth of the hair.

Share it and let more sisters join the ranks of beautiful girls~

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