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While ear hair is completely normal, excessive or protruding hairs can be unsightly and embarrassing for many people. If you're looking to tame your ear mane, there are several safe and effective removal methods to consider.

Why Do We Get Ear Hair?

The hairs inside the ear canal serve an important purpose - they help trap dust, dirt, and other particles from entering the ear and damaging the eardrum. However, as we age, hormonal changes can cause these hairs to become coarser and more noticeable on the outer ear as well.

Ear Hair Removal Options


Using small, curved grooming scissors or an electric trimmer is a safe, affordable option for trimming visible outer ear hair. Take care to avoid nicking the sensitive skin.


Tweezing individual hairs provides longer-lasting results than trimming but can be painful and time-consuming. It also carries risks like ingrown hairs or infection if not done properly.


Waxing removes hair from the roots and is best done by a professional esthetician using high-quality hard wax. Results can last 2-6 weeks, but waxing inside the ear canal is not recommended due to risks of wax getting stuck or burning the skin.

A common ear hair removal method for many is ear hair waxing. If you don’t know how to wax ear hair, you might be wondering what that even entails - do you really pour wax into your ear? Is that safe? Worry not, we have all the details for you. 

When wondering how to wax ears, you might be curious as to how your esthetician applies wax to these sensitive areas while keeping it away from your ear drum or internal areas. 

Your esthetician will apply wax to the outer parts of your ear (if you experience growth there), as well as to your inner lobe. Your esthetician will never apply wax to internal areas.

Though ear waxing is safe and effective, it’s important to get this done professionally, as having wax stuck in your ear at home isn’t especially something anyone wants to deal with. Ear hair waxing at home isn’t recommended.

This process should be done by a professional who can properly see where the wax is being applied to your ear fully. Since it should be done professionally, there is a cost involved with ear hair waxing - but the results are worth it. 

The advantage to waxing ear hair lies in its long term results and quick application. You can make an appointment with a local esthetician and be in and out in a very timely manner, and since waxing takes all of your ear hair out by the root, you won’t have to visit again for a while - until your ear hair grows to around the size of a grain of rice (or ¼ inch).

This is also a great approach for people who experience a high volume of hair, as ear hair removal wax can remove all of your ear hair in one quick session and have long-term results. 

Waxing is done best when applied professionally and with a high-quality wax. Some of the best ways to remove ear hair with wax is by visiting an esthetician who uses only the most high quality hard waxes or soft waxes. 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatments provide the most permanent solution by destroying the hair follicle. However, it is an expensive, time-consuming option requiring multiple sessions. Not all hair colors/types are compatible.


Hair removal creams containing harsh chemicals are generally not advised for use inside or around the ears due to risks of burns, irritation, and inhaling fumes.

How to Safely Remove Ear Hair

No matter which method you choose, caution is key to avoid damaging the delicate skin inside the ear canal. Here are some tips:
  • Avoid removing all ear hair, as some is needed to filter air and wax
  • Use proper lighting and magnification to increase visibility
  • Gently pull outer ear up and back to open the canal
  • Never insert objects like cotton swabs into the ear canal
  • Consider seeing a professional, especially for waxing

In Summary

While ear hair serves a purpose, you can safely remove excessive, unsightly hairs using trimming, plucking, waxing, or laser treatments. Take precautions, start slow, and consider seeing a professional to avoid injury and achieve your desired results.

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