Lifestance Depilatory Wax Beads, 1.1lb Green Wax Refill

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Waxing F&Q
  • ✓ Lifestance 全身蜡:Lifestance 蜡专为全身使用而设计。Lifestance 蜡珠从深层提取头发,采用低熔点茉莉花配方制成,可在舒适的低温度下使用,在舒适的家中提供完美的脱毛体验。
  • ✓ Lifestance 巴西比基尼蜡:采用原始天然成分制成,光滑细腻,非常适合粗糙区域和大面积,如巴西比基尼区域、腋下、腿部、手臂、背部打蜡。它是一种高效且温和的蜡,可在深层牢固地抓住毛发,以促进脱毛并延缓进一步生长。
  • ✓ Lifestance 家用脱毛套件:配有 1 磅天然硬蜡豆和 10 个一次性抹刀,在家中享受几乎无痛、无条纹的完美脱毛。几分钟内即可获得光滑无毛的皮肤,同时减少不适。不再需要昂贵的脱毛沙龙访问!
  • ✓ Lifestance Jasmine 补充装硬蜡:专为初级用户配制。它是一种易于使用的低熔点蜡,允许新用户来回涂抹蜡,并且干燥速度比快速打蜡硬蜡豆慢。摆脱去除时开裂或快速干燥的尴尬!我们的蜡珠是任何蜡加热器的完美补充装。
  • ✓90 天保修 - 我们为 Lifestance 蜡珠提供 90 天保修。如果您不喜欢脱毛蜡,请随时与我们联系,我们将在 12 小时内回复。

+++Frequently Asked Questions +++

1. Why is the wax too stringy?

● Heating your wax at the wrong temperature can lead to your wax being too stringy. Typically, that's because wax temperature is too cold to stir it. We recommend reheat the wax on professional wax warmer until the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

2. How long does the wax take to melt?

● It depends on the quantity of wax you use. Normally, it'll take 10 mins if you melt wax of 3.5oz. But if you melt whole bag of lifestance pink hard wax,it will take 20-25 mins for fully melting. When using Lifestance Wax Warmer we recommend using the highest temperature setting. Once the wax has reached a full liquid form you must lower the temperature on your warmer to a low mid-level setting and allow for the wax cool off. Please test the wax temperature and use until the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

3. Can I mix the wax?

● Mixing the wax beans is doable but not recommend. As different wax beans have different fomulas. Some targets for coarse hair while some targets for finer hair, some have strong grip, some have low melting point. Mixing multiple variations of the wax can lead to the product not performing the same.But if left only little of wax,it's okay to mix the wax.

4. How do I remove the wax from my wax warmer?

● Cleaning your wax warmer regularly is important to prevent bacterial growth. Heat your warmer to a high temperature to melt any remaining wax to a liquid consistency. Turn off the unit, then carefully pour out the wax into a container for reuse. Wipe away remaining wax residue with a paper towel or wax strips and mineral oil. The oil will dissolve the wax. You may need to use spatulas to scrape off stubborn wax. There are also cleaners designed specifically for wax warmers.

5.Why does the wax keep breaking?

● Wax breaking during the removal process is typically caused by two main reasons. Either the wax application is too thin or the wax was left on the skin for too long. To avoid the wax breaking during the application process we recommend applying a thicker layer of wax to the skin to get the rhythm or groove of the wax's behavior creating a lip for grip to remove the strip. The wax should rest on the skin for approximately 30-40 seconds prior to the removal. If your wax is still wet after 30-40 seconds, please allow an additional 30 seconds until the wax has dried.

6. Why is the wax not removing any hairs?

● Wrong heating, application and removal process of the wax can lead to hairs being left behind. We recommend to use wax when the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Jlal Albibi
Takes off all hairs

This is my third time repurchasing these wax beads I highly recommend!

Gets the short hair and leaves skin smooth.

Love the smell and how smooth it makes my skin after hair removal. It even gets the short hair. I use it mainly on my under arms. It doesnt leave a dark spot.

Get what you paid

It's not the best, but it does the job just with a little extra work.

100% will buy again.

I have recently got into waxing and I have been trying a lot of different waxes. I have a lot of hair and this stuff is amazing!! It’s super think and threw me off at first. I thought it was too think cause they other waxes I used were not this thick. I think I found my go to wax. I only needed one strip to take things off and didn’t have to do any real clean up.


I've been waxed but not necessarily done my own waxing. The pot seems fine, the wax itself (blue) dried really quickly and I'm not sure if that's my error or not. So being that the wax dries fast, I cannot spread it well, however the wax pulls off easily. The blue beads did not work on my leg hair - at least not on my lower legs. I'm too afraid to try my bikini area but I'll get there.
I'd begun to think the wax was the issue but I tried a spot on my arm it it pulled the hair off nicely with minimal pain and no irritation. I'll have to continue my arms and for now, will see about a different color wax for my legs.