Hair removal measured! Which of the 6 hair removal methods is the most reliable?
Hair removal

Welcome to the chapter six of Medical Beauty Classroom today! It is said that all parts of the country have begun to enter the summer smoothly, and hair removal has become a matter of urgency, besides whitening and sun protection!

Every time when I saw the girl in the short skirt on the street, and then the leg-hair swayed in the wind, I felt very sad. Today, I will give you a scientific laser hair removal project about medical beauty. However, before saying that, I will take you back to the traditional way of hair removal.

Traditional hair removal

Razor: Advantages: no pain, easy to use, wide range of applications.

Disadvantages: short duration, usually start new hair after 2-3 days

Hair removal razor can be said to be the most traditional and easy to get started with a kind of hair removal method, where there is hair to scrape, so easy! And don’t worry about skin sensitivity, the scope of application can be said to be very wide. A girl with a dry skin can choose a hair removal razor with a moisturizing soap to increase the lubricity of the skin without worrying about scratching the skin.

Here, I want to give your guys a truth of hair removal razor: shaving with a hair removal razor will not make the hair thicker and darker!

Because the hair, the hardness and the depth are all brought by your mother’s womb, it has nothing to do with the hair removal razor! The reason why it looks darker and thicker is because the hair removal knife acts on the side of the hair and looks bigger than the front cross section, so it looks thicker.

Calm down and think about it, if the hair removal razor can make the hair thicker and darker, then there will be so many bald girls in the world?

Depilatory cream: Advantages: easy to use & painless.

Disadvantages: Some have the risk of allergic folliculitis, short duration

Use hair removal cream to remove hair, just apply the hair removal cream to the hairy area for a while, then scrape off with a scraper. It is convenient and quick to operate, so it is also very popular way of the hair removal.

However, it should be noted that because of the principle of action of the hair removal cream, the hair is dissolved by the sulfuric acid in the ingredients, and then the hair is removed. Therefore, there will be certain chemical stimuli, so you must choose a regular brand when you buy.

In addition, be sure to try it on a small portion of the skin before use. And it is best not to use it on the face and in the private parts.

Beeswax: Advantages: simple and rude, longer than the above two methods

Disadvantages: pains and pains

I think of the fear of being depilated by beeswax. This method is also very simple, that is, the beeswax paper is attached to the place where the hair is to be removed, and then the hair is pulled up by the stickiness.

The advantage of this method is that it can be easily and violently removed, because the hair is removed from the hair follicle, so the relative hair grows longer.

But to tell the truth, the method of hair removal is tens of millions. It is really painful to remove the hair from the wax. The whole body is so hairy, and the I have no courage to use it everywhere.

Laser hair removal:

It can be seen that although the conventional hair removal method is relatively convenient and quick to use, the maintenance time is not long. So now there is a higher technology hair removal method, generally more commonly used is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is not difficult to use, that is, first use a hair removal knife to scrape the hair of the body, and then generate heat by emitting laser light to deeply destroy the melanin in the hair follicle, thereby inhibiting hair growth. In general, continuous laser hair removal 4-6 times can significantly inhibit hair growth. The number of hits is much longer, the longer the hair is, the slower it is, and the longer it is, the thinner it is.

The freezing point hair removal is also a kind of laser hair removal. The difference is that the ice point hair removal is faster than other ways and the pain is smaller.

There are two commonly used channels for high-tech hair removal. One is that the direct buyer uses the hair removal device to do it himself; the other is that it can be removed from the top three hospitals or regular beauty salons.

Small laser hair removal (using by yourself, at home):

Advantages: good operation, cost-effective

Disadvantages: the effect is not as good as hospital hair removal

Because the home hair removal device is designed for the public, it is easy to operate, and it takes a long time to buy a home hair removal device.

But the same, the energy of the household hair removal device is not as high as that of the hospital, so you don’t have to worry about burns at home, even if you drive to the highest level, the pain is also tolerable.

The following buds will be taken with a household hair removal device:

YA-MAN Ya Meng STA-189P hair removal instrument

(Reference price: 1999RMB)

This hair removal device uses laser to destroy the melanin in the hair follicle to achieve the purpose of hair removal. And it is said that there is also whitening the skin.

The method of use is also very simple. First turn on the power, then press the shaver button to stick the razor part to the skin, then scrape the hair off.

Here, the fur-legged girlfriends to be your little example. The picture below shows the calf before the girlfriends are not depilated. Friends in the comment area are not allowed to be naughty, this is really a girl’s leg.

After shaving, use the light to remove the hair. First, let’s choose the strength first. This instrument has 5 files. The higher the number of gears, the stronger the heat energy is. The first time you use your baby, just use a file.

In addition, Ya Meng’s color light has red and blue light, blue light is suitable for sensitive parts such as underarms; red light is suitable for arms and legs. 

After a meal, happily the family hair removal time is over. Look at the effect, is it very clean?

Next, This hair removal device also has a face care head that can be used for lip hair removal. But I don’t know where to put them, too lazy to find them. Ya Meng the hair removal device is not very clean, finishing performance is still very good.

Soprano: Advantages: convenient, professional and effective.

Disadvantages: the price is slightly higher

Going to the hospital for hair removal can be understood as higher energy, better effect, and more professional family hair removal. In general, the top three hospitals or regular (key) beauty salons will have ice-free hair removal projects.

Hospital prices vary from price to price. However, the same thing is that the hospital hair removal is charged according to the different parts of the hair removal. For example, taking a part of the thigh is a part, and the armpit is counted as a part. The larger the area of ​​hair removal, the higher the price.

For example, if you want to take off your body, then the hair removal part includes lip hair, big arm, small arm, thigh, calf, armpit, etc., and your whole person will be hollowed out.

For the average amount of hair, only need to take off about 5 times, you can eliminate most of the hair. Each hair removal interval is 30-45 days.

In order to make everyone experience more intuitive, the buds also carried the just-haired fur-legged girls and the second girl went to a local medical and aesthetic institution to do the hair removal of the hands and underarms.

look at the arm hair removal, hairy legs, not only the hair on the legs, but also the hair on the hand is not inferior.

After scraping the hair, the doctor will apply a layer of glue to your hand to prevent burns and help with heat conduction.

Then start to use the freezing point to remove hair, because the contact will emit laser light, so do not stare at the hair removal.

Someone asked, will it be painful to remove the hair at the freezing point, and the buds and the fur nectar will simply nod together! It hurts and hurts! Probably the so-called burning sense is what this means. But barely, still acceptable.

The process of hair removal is very fast, and the arm will end in about five minutes. It can be seen that after the hair removal, the fur is very white. And the freezing point hair removal has a lost skin whitening effect.

The part of the underarm hair removal is made of No. 2 girl. It can be seen that the mane of No. 2 girl is actually sparse. This is because the No. 2 girl have had three times of freezing point hair removal experience, and it is already very little hairy. The step of removing the hair is the same as the step of removing the arm from above.

Laser hair removal has been a medical beauty project that many fairy fairs will do in the summer, but there are still many girls who are not in the stage of understanding. So the buds have sorted out some common questions about lasers, so let’s go down and see:

Q1: Does laser hair removal affect perspiration? Will it cause body odor?

A1: Bud Pretending You still remember that laser hair removal is the melanin that acts on the hair follicle; while the hair follicle and sweat gland are two completely independent structures, so laser hair removal does not affect perspiration! Of course, it will not lead to body odor.

Q2: Nursing after laser hair removal

A2: Because the laser hair removal just said that the heat is emitted to destroy the melanin in the hair follicle, so do not use hot water to stimulate the skin on the bath.

In addition, it is recommended that you do not use a shower gel or other cleaning tools for a few days after hair removal, and you can apply aloe vera gel to soothe, or apply a thicker body lotion or cream. Be careful during the day, as there may be temporary coloration.

It is worth mentioning that after laser hair removal, some people will have red pores. Bud buds indicate that this is also the case with girlfriends. This is a normal phenomenon. Don’t worry~ Generally speaking, it is better to apply body lotion to sleep. Hahaha.

Q3: Do you choose a family hair removal device or go to the hospital for hair removal?

A3: Select as needed.

Both family hair removal and hospital hair removal can effectively achieve the need for hair removal. The difference is that the family hair removal device is cheaper and more autonomous. However, the hospital is more professional, and the laser energy used is stronger and the effect is better.

Bud buds suggest that sister papers can be selected as needed, like some places that are not well handled, such as underarms, lip hair and hairline position, you can choose to go to the hospital for hair removal. And these areas are smaller and cheaper. The arms and legs can be removed with a family hair removal device.

Ok, I believe that after the hair removal, a lot of sister papers have to start hair removal. In this case, the buds should be emphasized again. If you choose to go to the hospital for ice removal, you must go to the top three hospitals, or the regular studio!




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