How does hair removal cream work? Will it damage the skin?
Wax Cream

Summer is coming, and the season of bare arms and legs is coming again. But guys may have a little trouble:

Armpit hair bother? Dense legs hair? Hair removal is a big job!

Razor not clean well, the spring breeze blows again. Beeswax works for half of month, but the moment of tear is very painful.

So a lot of people actually choose hair removal creams. A few minutes of hair removal cream on the skin can make strong hair suddenly become vulnerable, as long as the plastic board gently scrape off.

But why might it sting after using hair removal cream ?

Why does it smell as bad as perm?Wax Cream

Hair removal cream, easy “break” protein structure

In a matter of minutes, a chemical reaction actually took place.

The hair removal cream targets keratin in the hair, the disulfide bond (r-s-s-r) in the protein molecule. Disulfide bonds are important for maintaining the structure of proteins.

Disulfide bonds in proteins are formed between cysteine residues

What is the Principle about the Wax Cream?Cysteine

One of 20 natural amino acids that are widely found in living organisms. Can alleviate and repair the damage of radiation to human body. Also helps to kick the alcohol addiction, for the brain and liver function needs. Essential for the regeneration of liver cells.

A substance called thioglycolic acid (or its salt) is often added to hair removal creams to break disulfide bonds.

Thioglycolic acid reacts with disulfide bonds in the following way, “breaking” the protein bonds, damaging the structure of the hair and making it easy to remove.

In order to have enough disulfide bonds to be broken, there needs to be enough concentration of anion reactants. In addition to thioglycolic acid, which is involved in the process in the form of anions, the cream also adds some substances such as: calcium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc to keep the area relatively alkaline (pH about 12).

The ingredients of a hair removal cream are as follows:

Water, urea, cetyl stearyl alcohol, thioglycolic acid, liquid paraffin, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, cetyl stearyl alcohol polyether – 20, talcum powder, glycerin, VP / 16 carbon olefin copolymer, magnesium trisilicate, fragrance, propylene glycol, sodium silicate, magnesium lithium grease fruit trees, fruit fat, gluconic acid sodium, acrylic acid copolymer (ester) class, CI 77891.

Use hair cream, fast!

But Pay Attention:Too much time can damage your skin!

Keratin is also found on the surface of the skin, but hair removal creams can damage the hair much faster than the skin, and won’t have much of an impact on the skin in a few minutes.

But hair removal cream is not gentle to the skin either. Attentive people may find that businesses will always use a lot of space to write instructions and warnings.

So, sensitive skin customer need to be especially careful!

Generally, small areas should be tested first, and at no time should they stay on the skin too long.

Hair removal creams tend to have a slightly strange smell, which comes from the main ingredient, thioglycolic acid.( Producers are already trying to cover the smell, but it’s hard to do so)

Speaking of smell, remember the smell of a barber shop. Similar ingredients are also used in perming (a perm can be thought of as a disulfide bond breaking and reconstructing).

Hair removal cream, of course, is not to be used in perming (also won’t someone do it).

But Here is Another Hair Removal Cream for You:Hard Wax Beans

After be warmer by the wax warmer, the wax beans will be melt as the cream, you could smear it on your skin, and how much should it be used is up to your acceptance.  Due to it is the physical hair removal,  so it will not break your protein or make your skin be hurt. It is the great way for the sensitive skin!

lifestance wax beansLifestance offer different kinds of the wax beans, smell like the strawberry, blueberry, and so on, you could choose the one which you prefer!


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