How to care for the skin when changing seasons? 5 steps to make the skin insensitive.

When changing seasons, the skin is prone to become sensitive because it has not adapted to changes in the weather. Sensitive skin is the most troublesome, in addition to not being able to makeup, you have to think about skincare. Pay attention to these five life details when changing seasons, which can better protect the skin and make the skin no longer sensitive. So how to care for the skin in five seasons when changing seasons 5 steps to make the skin insensitive. Let’s see what you should pay attention to as a female.


1.Gentle makeup removal and cleansing

It is necessary to choose alcohol-free, fragrance-free gentle cleansing products to cleanse while avoiding alkaline ingredients and strong cleaning products. Low foaming cleansing products are generally recommended. If allergies occur, it is recommended to wash your face with water. The frequency should be one in the morning and one in the evening. Remember not to rub the skin with a cleansing brush, scrub or sponge to avoid skin irritation.


2. Choose natural skincare products

In skincare products, the following ingredients are all chemicals that can cause an allergy: preservatives, sorbic acid, and fragrances. These ingredients are highly irritating and can aggravate the symptoms of allergies. And some contain natural ingredients, such as lavender, chamomile, aloe, etc. can play a soothing effect on the skin.



3.Wash your face or bath with warm water

In addition to choosing a mild cleansing product, pay great attention to the water temperature when washing your face, preferably below 35 degrees. When the water temperature is too hot, it can irritate the fragile sebum membrane, thus aggravating the symptoms of itching and tingling. Likewise, it is not advisable to apply your face with an overheated towel.



4.Gentle skin care method

Regardless of whether it is cleansing or rubbing skincare products when using hands to directly touch the facial skin, you must pay attention to skincare methods to keep it soft, just like a kitten tightening, it always has back hair at any time, any excessive movements will stimulate it and cause its stimulus-response, so to make the skin reach a moderate and stable state, gentle skincare method is very important.



5.Grasp the best repair time at night

Nighttime is the prime time for skincare. In fact, a large part of this argument is due to the time of skin self-repair at night. During this time of skin self-repair, the absorption of external nutrients is the best, and it will not be affected by outside disturbance, so girls must fully seize this opportunity to achieve the repair of sensitive skin!


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