How to deal with longer leg-hair and how to completely remove the leg-hair?

The thickening and growth rate of human hair are related to the level of androgen in the human body. In general, the female’s mane and leg hair are relatively light, especially the leg hair is almost invisible. However, some women may have long leg hair due to the high level of androgen, which affects the appearance.

1. What is the leg hair?

Leg hair is hair that grows on human thighs and calves, soles, and toes. Men’s legs are usually more hairy and thicker than women’s, but a few women’s feet are also thicker than men. Some people’s legs are thick and long, which can be regarded as a normal phenomenon for males. Mao is a concern of many women. Men’s leg hair grows rapidly during adolescence, and this problem occurs in a small number of women.

2. How to do if the legs are too long?

1. Many people shave their legs with a razor or a special shaver, but this method does not remove the roots, and the leg hair will grow out for a while.
2. Using the hair removal external medicine, this method is mostly a result of using a razor, it will not take long before the hair growing again.

3. Want to permanently remove the hair without recurrence, can only permanently destroy the hair follicles that grow hair, commonly used is electric burning method – use a small electric burning needle to extend into the skin during surgery, destroy the hair follicles one by one, This will achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, but dealing with a small leg hair is a big challenge for both the doctor and the patient. You have to endure the pain of beauty.
4. the beauty and plastics industry to introduce a laser, you can use the special wavelength of light into the hair follicles along with the leg hair dry and destroy it, and will not hurt the skin, but the cost is high, the beauty may have to pay some price. The latter two methods can permanently remove the leg hair, you can choose the method that suits you according to your actual situation.

5. If you are not afraid of pain, you can stick with tape, better than shaving, at least for a long time.
6. Plucking can also be used, but also a little pain, time to maintain roughly half a month to a month, if your skin is sensitive, then do not use.

3.How to completely remove the leg hair

1.permanent hair removal cream
Expert introduction: Instead of calling it “hair removal cream”, it is better to call “chemical shaving agent”. Because this hair removal cream can make the hair break off and close to the skin, it is a chemical reaction. At present, the hair removal cream with better hair removal effect is mainly composed of an aliphatic thiol acid such as hydrazine acetic acid, also called thioglycolic acid.

Since the human hair contains keratin, the main component is cysteine, which is normally combined in pairs. When the hair removal cream and the body surface are joined, the thioglycolic acid can break the cysteine ​​bound in the sputum and become two cysteines. In this way, the fiber penetration force in the hair can be increased, and the hair fiber expansion becomes large, fragile, and easily broken.
The hair removal of the hair removal cream is generally on the base of the hair, and the broken end is close to the skin, neat and smooth, and the same effect as the shaving of the shaver. Therefore, the hair removal cream cannot permanently remove hair, but it can play the role of temporary hair removal.

2. permanent hair removal liquid
The hairy liquid contains natural active ingredients and quickly penetrates into the hair follicle, which moisturizes the skin and cuts off the water and nutrients supplied to the hair follicles, gradually wilting the hair follicles, and the hair no longer grows. The hair removal liquid only has a destructive effect on the hair follicle and does not affect the normal excretion of the sweat gland.

3. electric burning method
During the operation, a small electric burning needle is used to extend into the skin, and the hair follicles are destroyed one by one so that the purpose of permanent hair removal can be achieved, but to treat a small leg hair is a great challenge for doctors and patients. To endure the pain for beauty. Long-lasting effect

4.laser permanent hair removal
Freezing hair removal is the most advanced permanent laser hair removal method. Based on the principle of selective photothermal action, the revolutionary use of ice point semiconductor laser hair removal equipment, laser penetration of the skin surface to maintain a certain temperature of the hair follicle, gently make the hair follicle and surrounding Stem cells lose their activity and achieve permanent hair removal. It can remove excess hair in a large area, cool and painless, effectively protect the surrounding skin, so that beauty lovers can quickly remove hair.

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