Important tips for autumn skin care

Important tips for autumn skin care

In the north, the climate tends to be windy and has a large temperature difference between day and night. The problem with autumn skin is due to the fact that everyone ignores the problem of sun protection in autumn, and on the other hand, because the skin is dry and there is no effective moisturizing treatment. Today we are going to talk about the important points of autumn skin care.


What are the differences between autumn skin care and summer skin care?


air temperature

Summer all day high temperature from June to August no matter what morning or evening. For delicate skin, too moisturizing skin care products can cause “sweating”! Girls with oily skin are even more difficult, and too moisturizing skin care products can cause “acne”! But the temperature has dropped in the fall, and people who don’t like sunscreen in the summer can try it in the fall.


Dry skin problem

In the autumn, the northern climate is windy and dry. For delicate skin, the skin is more prone to skin dryness and dryness. In addition, the summer “post-sun symptoms” will also focus on the outbreak at this time, the skin is more fragile and needs protection in the early autumn. On a dry autumn day, the moisturizing degree of sunscreen will make it more acceptable. At this time, sunscreen needs to work together with sunscreen and physical sunscreen tools.


In the summer, the dress of the short skirt leads to sun protection in addition to the face, such as the small arm, the big arm, the foot surface, the foot surface, the ankle, the calf, and the thigh. If you don’t want to become an obvious “panda hand” and “panda leg”, you need to do a lot of sunscreen. In the autumn, morning and evening, the weather will be more cool, and everyone will start to gather the shorts and start dressing in long sleeves. At this time, the sunscreen on the face is more important than the limbs. In autumn, the focus of girls’ sun protection is to protect their faces.


The focus of autumn skin care is: face sunscreen, skin hydration, moisturizing.


Sun protection method

Sunscreen + sun protection tools (sun protection tools include umbrellas, masks, sun protection clothing)

If it is oily skin, you can choose non-waterproof sunscreen, which will reduce the problem of acne caused by sunscreen.


  1. How to use sunscreen

Before applying sunscreen, you need to use basic skin care products to moisturize your skin.

The problem of dry skin in autumn is the key to the success of UV protection. A skin care product that moisturizes the skin and relieves dryness before applying sunscreen.


  1. Skin care

Need to choose “moisturizing” skin care products. Dry skin in autumn and moisturizing care will make many skin problems relieve.


  1. Skin cleansing

If sunscreen is applied, it needs to be cleaned. If the cleaning is not done, it may cause acne problems.

I recommend using a cleansing soap to clean the sunscreen.


  1. Hydrating FACEL: Solid dressing mask is the best choice for repairing skin water shortage

Solid dressing mask is the best choice for repairing skin water shortage, or simply do some “mask” yourself, such as the hydrating effect of cucumber slices, which is better than the patch mask.

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