In the hair removal season, how do girls get rid of hair in summer?

When the weather is hot, the body hair can’t be hidden, and many people have to take off their hair. There are many ways to remove hair, but if it is not used well, the skin will have problems.

Want to take off your hair and continue to look down:


First, understand how “physical hair removal, chemical hair removal, laser/photon hair removal” is going on.

1 Physical hair removal is the removal of hair by means of tools such as shaving knives, tweezers, beeswax, wax paper, etc. It is temporary hair removal.

2 Chemical hair removal is a product such as hair removal cream. It is a chemical substance that softens the hair and causes it to fall off. This is also temporary and needs to be repeated.

3 Laser or photon hair removal is the use of a “selective photothermal action principle” to absorb and emit high energy for the black hair shaft in the hair follicle, destroying the activity of the hair nipple that promotes hair growth, thereby making the hair grow slower and thinner. Until it no longer grows, the effect is permanent.



Second, the point of attention using the physical hair removal method:

1 Shaving knife hair removal maintenance time is the shortest of all hair removal methods, body hair growth rate of about 0.2mm a day, 2-3 days hair will appear obvious black ranunculus, so pay attention to hair removal time, avoid sputum.
In addition, the shaving knives are very sharp, avoid scratching when using, specifically to learn from an experienced boyfriend or husband.



2 Lice are usually used to remove the mane, but violent removal of hair will be more painful; it may also damage the skin and hair follicles, causing folliculitis; repeated traction can also cause sagging skin under the armpit, so this method is not recommended for hair removal.

3 The principle of wax hair removal is the same as that of the scorpion. The use process may be a little painful. It should prevent burns and folliculitis during use.




Third, the use of chemical hair removal method:

Containing a variety of chemical ingredients may cause irritation to the skin, so first try a small range, to avoid skin allergies, lead to dermatitis, people with sensitive skin should pay more attention.


Fourth, the use of laser/photon hair removal points of attention:

1.About the pain of hair removal

The energy of light is absorbed by the hair shaft to emit heat to destroy the hair follicle activity. Some people in this process will feel some pain, and some people will not, which is related to personal tolerance.

If you are afraid of pain, you can first take a small part of the hair removal to see your tolerance.


2.Laser and photon hair removal. What is the difference in hair removal between different institutions?

In fact, the principle of hair removal is the same, the difference is that the equipment is different, the doctors are different, and the effect of hair removal is different.



3. “Freezing Point” in the depilation of ice is used to protect the skin.

“Freezing Point” is a cooling system on the probe of the hair removal device. It can cool the skin during hair removal, prevent burns, make the process of hair removal more comfortable, and have no effect on hair removal.


4. Why do some people tickle after hair removal?

There is basically no discomfort in hair removal. Some people may have a hair follicle reaction, which means that the hair removal part will be itchy, but it can basically disappear in a day or two. If this is the case, avoid it.



5. Why is the hair thicker and the better the laser/photon hair removal effect?

Do laser / photon hair removal, like the mane, arms, thighs, etc. can be removed about 5 times, and small fluff like lip hair needs about 10 times or more, because the hair is thicker, the hair inside the hair follicle The more light is absorbed by the dry, the greater the energy emitted, which makes the hair nipples less active and the hair no longer grows.


6. Laser/photon hair removal does not affect perspiration.

The position of the hair follicle is different from that of the sweat gland. The laser/photon acts only on the hair follicle and has no effect on the sweat gland, so there is no need to worry about sweating.



7. Laser/photon hair removal, the skin should be more sunscreen.

Laser/photon has the effect of skin rejuvenation, so after depilation, the skin will look whiter and tenderer, and the skin will be more sensitive. Therefore, pay more attention to sunscreen and pay attention to moisturizing.


8. The thick hair of the body caused by endocrine diseases will affect the hair removal effect.

If a girl suddenly becomes thick, long and dense, or does not have long hair, it has many thick body hairs, such as the lip circumference, the lower jaw, the midline of the chest, the inner thigh, the around the areola, etc. Diseases with endocrine diseases, due to hormonal effects, body hair growth is strong, it is recommended to go to the hospital endocrinology for examination and treatment, and then consider laser/photon hair removal, otherwise, the hair removal effect is not ideal.




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