Men’s hair removal in the summer is necessary, which is the most popular hair removal site?

The right amount of body hair will make men look full of hormonal tension, but excessive body hair will give people a sense of discomfort, and more and more men are beginning to advocate the “hairless” trend.

Some men will remove body hair below the neck to some extent. According to statistics, in the past three years, the number of men’s hair removal has accounted for 39% of the total, an increase of 51% year-on-year. Therefore, it is very necessary for men to properly remove hair in summer. What are the most popular hair removal parts?



Fourth place: beard

“Beard” is no longer considered a masculine expression

In the martial arts novels, Luohu is a symbol of man’s wildness, but in modern society, the hustle and bustle of Hu is too rough, but it affects the full display of male charm. Remove the hustle and bustle, fully show the charm of men, and become the first motivation for men to get rid of hair removal. Getting up every day and sleeping in the mirror, shaving, is not only troublesome, but if you accidentally scratch the face, it is easy to cause inflammation, redness, and even cause folliculitis and acne.


Third place: Arm

Men’s hair is thicker in all parts due to its own hormone secretion. The over-armed hair that is exposed outside has a certain influence on daily communication, especially some IT elites, stars and other people who often appear in various public social occasions, and are more keen on the removal of the arm.


Second place: chest hair

The chest is too heavy, like a primitive person

Chest hair is a symbol of sex for Western men. But in China, overweight chest hair is not so beautiful. Some people even compare people with heavy chest hair to “primitives.” Especially in the eyes of Chinese girls, men’s chest hair is too long, and black and thick, not only will not increase the value of male charm, on the contrary will give them a feeling of embarrassment.


First place: mane

Easy to smell in summer

Some male friends have thick hairs and look wild and thick. But now many women can’t accept such a “wild” man. Because the mane is too heavy for the girls to dare to approach, especially in the summer, too much sweat will also give off the body.


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