Lifestance Depilatory Wax Beads, 1.1lb Yellow Wax Refill


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Waxing F&Q
  • Optimal Hair Removal Effect-Made with Camellia extract, Lifestance wax provides gentle hair removal, intended to exfoliate the finest fuzz hair. Plus, infused with sweet almond oil, minimize discomfort, and protect you away from subsequent any redness or irritation, best for sensitive skin.
  • Lifestance Hard Wax Kit- With 15.8 oz natural wax beads, get 95% of hair removed at one time and stay smooth for up to 4 weeks, enjoy nearly painless, stripless flawless hair removal experience at home.
  • Efficient & Gentle Cream Wax Pearls- Lifestance Hard Wax Beads are designed to target thin and fine facial hair, perfect for eyebrows, chin, upper lip, neck, sideburns or anywhere you find unwanted peach fuzz, ideal for any hair type.
  • Money Save- With Lifestance large waxing beads, you could get 100 brow waxes or more at the comfort of your home for at least a year. Get the contoured brows in an instant, no more expensive waxing salon visits!
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE- Our priority is to make sure we provide you a top-quality wax product that meets and surpasses needs. If for whatever reason you don’t love our Refill Wax Beads, let us know within 60 days, and we can give you a full refund or send you a replacement, no questions asked.

+++Frequently Asked Questions +++

1. Why is the wax too stringy?

● Heating your wax at the wrong temperature can lead to your wax being too stringy. Typically, that's because wax temperature is too cold to stir it. We recommend reheat the wax on professional wax warmer until the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

2. How long does the wax take to melt?

● It depends on the quantity of wax you use. Normally, it'll take 10 mins if you melt wax of 3.5oz. But if you melt whole bag of lifestance pink hard wax,it will take 20-25 mins for fully melting. When using Lifestance Wax Warmer we recommend using the highest temperature setting. Once the wax has reached a full liquid form you must lower the temperature on your warmer to a low mid-level setting and allow for the wax cool off. Please test the wax temperature and use until the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

3. Can I mix the wax?

● Mixing the wax beans is doable but not recommend. As different wax beans have different fomulas. Some targets for coarse hair while some targets for finer hair, some have strong grip, some have low melting point. Mixing multiple variations of the wax can lead to the product not performing the same.But if left only little of wax,it's okay to mix the wax.

4. How do I remove the wax from my wax warmer?

● Cleaning your wax warmer regularly is important to prevent bacterial growth. Heat your warmer to a high temperature to melt any remaining wax to a liquid consistency. Turn off the unit, then carefully pour out the wax into a container for reuse. Wipe away remaining wax residue with a paper towel or wax strips and mineral oil. The oil will dissolve the wax. You may need to use spatulas to scrape off stubborn wax. There are also cleaners designed specifically for wax warmers.

5.Why does the wax keep breaking?

● Wax breaking during the removal process is typically caused by two main reasons. Either the wax application is too thin or the wax was left on the skin for too long. To avoid the wax breaking during the application process we recommend applying a thicker layer of wax to the skin to get the rhythm or groove of the wax's behavior creating a lip for grip to remove the strip. The wax should rest on the skin for approximately 30-40 seconds prior to the removal. If your wax is still wet after 30-40 seconds, please allow an additional 30 seconds until the wax has dried.

6. Why is the wax not removing any hairs?

● Wrong heating, application and removal process of the wax can lead to hairs being left behind. We recommend to use wax when the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jus Toni
Absolutely amazing !!!!

?So I usually buy wax from a small business but it’s very expensive and I couldn’t afford it this month …. So I decided to take a chance with this wax and I’m glad I did . It was so creamy and application was very easy . Removing the hair wasn’t too bad . I did my own Brazilian for the first time and I’m so proud of myself lol . It was a bit intimidating but I got through it . I did small sections at a time and it worked out . I only needed one application per section . And I have coarse hair . It removed all the hair !

I also did my under arms and legs and still have a bunch of wax left . I’m definitely purchasing again .
My daughters also love it ( they’re teens )

Just don’t wait too long to remove because it will break off and you’ll have little pieces .

Don’t forget to hold your skin taut . And exfoliate 24 hours prior to waxing for easier removal .

Gaby Calderon
The best wax

This is by far the BEST wax Ive ever used. I bought the pastel yellow one and I dont know if its only that one or all of them, but the pastel yellow is perfect.

My New Favorite WAX! Great for sensitive skin beginners

Amazing! I loved the consistency and how easy it was to use. Can’t explain it, but it stayed hot longer but cooled perfectly so there was no cracking or tearing. Skin was great after.

Clings to coarse and fine hair

Pro: Pulls the hair without an issue...
Con: would double as an exfoliator... seems to take off more skin layers than it should.

Tried it on legs, finger knuckles, bikini region, brows. Skin was NOT raw after use, but looked super dry and unhealthy after... a couple days of high-quality moisturizer and regrowth brought them back to normal.

Definitely pulls hair, but I'll try another brand next.


This is my favorite brand of Wax beds to use. I’ve been using this brand for about 2 years now. It’s a good quality wax and it’s great for sensitive skin. I keep this wax on a subscription. Beginner friendly!

Thanks for your review!