Seven tips for you to keep away from the body-hair


Everyone has a heart for beauty, especially women. Under normal circumstances, due to the secretion of androgen in the body, body hair, such as leg hair, beard, mane hair, etc. will be more, while women are relatively few, but some women have quite a lot of leg hair, and thick, Very affecting the beauty, then, what does the girl’s leg length mean? Today, I will teach everyone some tips for the girl with long legs is hurrying over to see if she can help the girl with too long and too tight legs!



(1) The problem of thick hair in the female legs is related to the hormones of the body. The secretion of hormones is not balanced. Excessive secretion of androgen may cause the female’s hair to become dense, especially in the legs, which greatly affects the appearance. This situation occurs frequently during puberty. In this case, don’t worry too much. It can be effectively controlled by adjusting factors such as diet and mood. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in peacetime to ensure a balanced body, reduce excessive secretion of androgen, and promote gastrointestinal motility and improve body function. If it cannot be reduced, antibiotics can be used for control, but it must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor to avoid damage to the body.


(2) In fact, a large part of the factors are heredity, which is the main reason why girls have more legs. If the parents have excess hair, the child will have more hair and will have more chances than the average child’s hair. If the parents have more hair on one side, then the child also has a great genetic chance, but for both sides, it is much lower.



(3) Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common cause. Ovarian tumors, pineal tumors, follicular hyperplasia and other diseases that cause abnormal secretion of androgen in the body, and various causes of adrenal hyperfunction, such as Cushing’s disease, adrenal adenoma, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, hypothalamus and gland Pituitary tumors, pituitary eosinophilic adenomas, basophil hyperplasia and adenomas, etc., also have hairy performance. Other causes such as youthful hypothyroidism, hyperinsulinemia, and taking hormonal drugs can lead to increased body hair.


How to treat leg hair?

(1) Thick treatment of body hair: To treat thick hair. First of all, to eliminate various endocrine diseases. It is recommended to go to the endocrinology department of a regular hospital for treatment. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can choose an examination item, such as blood pressure and blood sugar, B-ultrasound examination of ovarian follicles, blood tests for hormone levels, blood and urinary cortisol levels. After the diagnosis is made, the corresponding treatment will be given according to the specific situation. It can be seen from the above that a woman’s body hair is more than just a shackle. It is very likely that it is a disease.

(2) Hair removal. If it is a genetic factor, it is inevitable. If the feeling is very affecting the appearance, you can solve this problem by removing the hair from the hair removal cream or scraping off the excess leg hair, but this kind of patient needs to insist and do it. Good post-care work. If it is still a lot, laser hair removal is needed to destroy the hair follicles and prevent further hair growth.



(3) Hair removal cream. In the past, hair removal creams were expensive, and now the price of hair removal creams ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of yuan. However, after removing the leg hair with the hair removal cream, the biggest disadvantage is that the long new leg hair is thicker and longer than the original one, and the chemical is corrosive to the skin, which may cause adverse reactions to skin allergy to weak friends.



(4) Electric hair removal device. Divided into electric plucking device and electric shaver, there are also two-in-one, on-demand. The electric hair-remover is pushed on the skin, which can eliminate multiple hairs at the same time, which is convenient and quick. The skin after the removal will be dry, and it is best not to bask in the sun immediately. Suggestion: The removal of the hands and feet is relatively clean, but it is not very painful. The MM that is afraid of pain can be considered to be shaved.



(5) Hair removal beeswax. The hair removal beeswax is suitable for large-area temporary hair removal. In the direction of hair growth, the squeegee is applied to the skin, and then the special wax paper is attached. The flattening is pressed tightly. After one minute, the wax paper is quickly pulled against the hair growth direction. Also removed. Hair removal beeswax is suitable for body hair that has faded arms, legs, and underarms. It should be noted that varicose veins and people with damaged skin should not be waxed.


Lifestance Blue Hard Wax Beans


(6) The hairy liquid, from the name, gives others a misunderstanding of applying the hair. In fact, the hairy liquid is not a coat of hair, it is a hair-suppressing effect. The earliest developed 533 hair removal liquid is the best in the industry. After plucking, use 533 anti-hair liquid, which is simple and convenient, and can be depilated at home. After a period of time, the growth ability of the hair roots becomes weaker and weaker, which gradually causes the hair follicles to gradually wither and achieve the purpose of preventing hair regrowth.


(7) Laser hair removal, domestic hair removal beauty experts pointed out that the advent of laser hair removal has brought good news to some female friends with too much hair. Very suitable for girls whose legs are too long and too dense. Laser hair removal technology is widely used all over the world, safe and has no side effects. Light hair removal is to select the hair cells that are sensitive to the hair follicle melanocytes, and to irradiate the normal epidermis without damage, thereby increasing the temperature of the hair follicles. When the temperature rises high enough, the hair follicle structure is destroyed and is removed after a period of natural physiological processes. Thereby achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal.



Warm Tips: Diet Note

If the body hair is not thickened by the disease, no special treatment is needed. Usually adhere to good living habits, should eat less high-fat and high-calorie foods, such as potato chips, cream cakes, Western fast food, carbonated drinks, etc., but should eat more coarse grains, soy products, vegetables, fruits, etc.; In addition, we must strengthen our sports.

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