Ten skin care tips to help you develop great skin

1, Is the face cold or good?

Is the face wash hot in the end, or is it cold? How to choose the water temperature for washing your face? Four words: not cold or hot!

In general, washing your face with warm water is more appropriate than washing your face with cold water. Washing your face with warm water can make the circulation of blood in your face better. The circulation of blood and blood will be better, it will not be easy to wrinkles, cold water will shrink, and it will be worse in helping the skin and blood circulation of facial skin.

If you don’t like the high temperature of the face, you can make the temperature lower, and a little warmer will be better than cold water.


2, Sunscreen all year round

Sunscreen is indispensable all year round, and skin care that lacks sunscreen is not perfect. The principle of sunscreen is to isolate the skin from UV rays.

The “ultraviolet” in people’s mouth can actually be subdivided into long-wavelength UVA, medium-wavelength UVB and short-wavelength UVC.

UVA is long-wave ultraviolet light, UVB is medium-wave ultraviolet light, both of which can penetrate human skin and penetrate the dermis layer, making the skin tanning UVB usually exists outdoors, and is stronger in summer or sunny days. The UVA is no matter whether it is rainy seasons or indoors or outdoors. Even if you are standing outdoors on a cloudy day in the winter, although the skin will not be tanned, the effect of UVA will slowly accumulate in your skin and stimulate the pigment. Synthetic to darken the complexion, it will cause skin aging and fine lines.

3,The mask only has the function of hydrating

Nowadays, all kinds of flaky masks on the market can be described as various kinds: whitening mask, acne mask, anti-wrinkle mask… Unfortunately, there are only a thousand kinds of masks, and there is only one effect, that is, “replenishing water”.

Strictly speaking, there are two main functions of applying mask: one is to “wet” the stratum corneum with the moisture carried; the other is to add a layer of sealing membrane so that the lost moisture stays in the stratum corneum. In this way, the stratum corneum swells and aligns tightly. Under the reflection of light, the skin will look tender and even white.


But in fact, the water just stays in the stratum corneum and does not really enter the deep skin. This has caused the mask to “replenish water” only temporarily.


4, Do not move to deep clean

There is no deep skin cleansing in medicine, and exfoliation is equivalent to removing the protective layer. Some people wash their faces many times a day. The smashing and rubbing exfoliating products are frequently used, and often use various “deep cleansing” skin care products. This is a very wrong skin care method. Don’t think that horny is a bad thing. The stratum corneum is an important structure that constitutes the skin barrier of the human body. Frequent exfoliation easily destroys the barrier function of the skin, promotes the formation of red blood cells of the skin, causes rapid skin aging, and the skin is also prone to various problems such as sensitivity.


5,Do not tap when applying skin care products

Many small partners do this when they take skin care products: Pour it on your hand, then pat your face until it is absorbed… Pour it on your hand and gently rub it with your hand… Pour it on the cotton pad and gently wipe it on your face… Then pat the face again…Pour it in your hand and press it with your back to beat and let these precious nutrients “eat” into the skin…

In fact, when applying skin care products, the face or massage can bring pleasure, but it does not help to absorb, but accelerates the evaporation of skin care products. Excessive force, but irritating the skin, causing unnecessary harm.


6,Collagen doesn’t get into your face

Collagen is a macromolecular structure, and the passage on human skin is small. Therefore, the collagen applied to the face is basically impossible to be absorbed by the epidermis.

Collagen is really important for human skin. It can support the skin and keep it tight. However, because collagen is a macromolecular structure, it cannot be directly absorbed by the human body. It needs to be converted into amino acids through the digestive system, and then by different kinds. Amino acids make up the different proteins needed in different parts of the body.

7, No skin care products can shrink pores

Many girls will start to pin their hopes on a variety of skin care products that claim to shrink pores, but in fact, you are just a set of business marketing. I must tell you the truth cruelly: once the pores become bigger, unless you open the medical beauty project, any skin care products will be weak on it!


8,There is no quick-acting whitening product

Now, there are a lot of “immediately white” whitening products on the market, and some of them can be seen immediately. However, experts say there is no quick-acting whitening product.

According to experts, such products are immediately divided into two categories: one is the addition of reflective and fluorescent components, such as mica stone, so that when you apply it, the skin refracts more light and presents a false whitening effect. However, such mineral powders are used for a long time. If the makeup remover is not thorough, it is easy to clog the pores, causing inflammation and acne. The other is to add hormones, steroids, etc., in order to achieve a rapid whitening effect in the short term, and the long-term use of such substances may cause hormone-dependent dermatitis, it is best not to buy.


9, Apply skin care products to avoid “multi-layer”

There are many types of skin care products. In order to achieve a variety of effects, some people will apply all skin care products layer by layer on their faces, hydrating, moisturizing, whitening, etc. A sense of security. In fact, this “multilayer” is harmful to the skin.


10,Antioxidants do not reduce wrinkles

The effect of antioxidants is to prevent the formation of free radicals (free radicals are one of the main causes of skin damage), but it does not repair existing skin damage.

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