The best depilation kit from lifestancewax in the world

In summer, girls like to show their meat, but some people are born with a lot of hair, which makes them very embarrassed, especially under their armpits. How can we avoid this kind of embarrassing thing?

The hot summer is coming, and it’s the season of dew meat, but the extra hair on the body makes many people very distressed. If armpit hair appears, it will not only embarrass people but also affect their image. So many people who have body hair worry are eager to get rid of the problem of excess body hair by some methods and have tried many methods, but they are not effective. So a lot of people want to know if there is a good way to depilate under the armpit. Let’s introduce it in detail! Let me introduce you to the latest lifestancewax product of depilation.

Lifestance New Waxing kit Includes: a new generation electric at home wax warmer 500ml (1 unit), 14.1oz hard wax (8 units, 50g each), large size wooden sticks (10pcs), small size eyebrow wax sticks (10pcs) and 5 prevent confusion collars. Stop shaving and salon, saving money and time. It has the following advantages.

  1. Easy-operated and Safety Professional Wax Warmer

when you hold the button on the “HEATING”, it means that the highest temperature to melt; when the button hold on the “WAXING”, it means that keep the wax warm; when the button hold on the “OFF”, it means that closed. Durable& flameless ABS, PC, and PP. You just need to put the wax block into the machine, press the button, and then there will be comfortable use of the melted wax for depilation.

2.Low Melting Point Wax

Our specially formulated hair removal wax has a smoother application to minimize irritation with natural ingredients and is safe for all skin types. With Lifestance hard wax kit, you can apply back and forth and never worry about break even with zero waxing experience. Get rid of the embarrassing of cracking or fast dry upon removal!

3.Lifestance Hard Waxing Kit for Facial Waxing

No more irritation, no more messy, no more inflammations!! The jasmine hard wax developed by Lifestance is a good helper for facial hair removal. It is used for fine hair, deep removal and leaving skin soft & glowing. It can also be used in women and men various body parts, please don’t worry, it can remove hair as much as the face, exfoliate, enjoy 3~6 weeks without hair; Many people use other hair removal tools, which results in faster hair growth. Because of the material, our hair removal products last longer than other products. So you only use it once, and you can enjoy your life on the beach in the next month or two.

Whatever you enjoy your life on the beach, don’t let the hair block your beauty.


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