The Guide to Waxing Off Arm Hair

The Guide to Waxing Off Arm Hair


With the right tools and techniques, at home waxing and arm hair removal is a breeze. Thanks to Lifestance, no one has to put up with hairy arms or salon prices any more. Guys can show off their muscles, and ladies can get the smooth, silky arms they’ve always wanted. Whatever your reason, you can achieve professional results at home by following this step-by-step guide to arm waxing.

Products and Supplies
1. 1 Wet and 1 Dry towel
2. Baby powder or cornstarch
3. One Lifestance At Home Hair Removal Wax Kit
4. Aloe vera gel or a soothing body lotion with natural ingredients
5. A hand towel or washcloth

1. Before waxing your arms for the first time, use Lifestance Wax in a small area. Wait at least 24 hours before using the product to determine the results of the patch test. Light redness and mild tenderness are normal. After testing Lifestance Wax on your arm, it’s time to get ready for the real event.

2.For optimal results, it’s essential to clean and dry the skin thoroughly before applying the wax. A wet towel is ideal for removing oil and dirt. Follow up by completely drying the area with a dry towel. Because Lifestance Wax is an all natural, water-based product, the area to be waxed must be completely dry for optimal results.

3. After cleaning the area, apply a thin layer of cornstarch or baby powder, and brush off the excess. Powder soaks up any excess moisture on your skin, allowing the wax to adhere better. This will also minimize discomfort and prevent the wax from sticking to the skin. Heat the Lifestance wax beans according to the package instructions, and arrange the included wooden spatulas and non-woven strips on a towel or clean surface.

1. For arm hair removal, always work from the shoulder down to the wrists and hands. To begin, apply a thin, even layer of wax going with the direction of the hair.

2. Cover the wax with a hair removal strip immediately. Using your palm, smooth the strip firmly over the wax three or four times. Each non-woven strip included in the kit can be reused five or six times.

3. Now, remove the strip quickly going against the direction of hair growth. For best results, pull the strip backwards rather than outwards. This will ensure that more hairs are removed at the root and will minimize the risk of ingrown hairs.

4. Repeat the same process moving around the elbow and down the arm. Then, prepare and wax your other arm using the same method.


• Keeping the skin taut will make the process more comfortable and effective.

• Use wax on completely clean and dry skin. Any oils on the skin will prevent the wax from working.

• Never wax sunburns, rashes or irritated skin.

• Apply aloe gel after wax session to calm the skin.


After your arms have been waxed, remove any sticky residue with a warm, damp towel. Lifestance is natural hair removal wax, so cleanup is easy and pain-free.

Finally, apply your soothing body lotion or aloe gel, and enjoy the smooth, soft look of your hair-free arms. Arm hair removal and at home waxing get easier over time. Lifestance will leave your arms looking beautiful for weeks, and the hair that grows back will be finer and easier to remove. Get out there, and enjoy your sexy new arms!

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