The hair removal season is coming, seven points to pay attention to

The hair removal season is coming, seven points to pay attention to

With the weather become warming, many girls try to do hair removal, whether it is underarms or limbs, they are shaved clean, but there are always ugly little black residue left after each hair removal; accompanied by various red spots. What exactly caused this phenomenon? Here are 7 common mistakes in hair removal!

1. Red spots always appear after hair removal

Mistake: No exfoliation before hair removal
No matter what kind of hair removal method is used, you must exfoliate and remove dead skin 24 hours before hair removal to avoid the newly growing hair blocking the skin and causing red spots.

2. Hair removal always has small black spots remaining

Mistake: Hair removal in the morning
Some people are accustomed to hair removal after the morning bath, but the effect is not ideal at this time. When a person sleeps, his legs are slightly swollen, which hides part of the hair. In the morning, the hair has not “awakened”. Therefore, hair removal in the evening can shave more thoroughly.

3. The newly grown hair is getting thicker and blacker

Mistake: Hair removal too frequent
If you are accustomed to wax hair removal, there should be three to four weeks between the two hair removals to let the new hair grow out, and there is enough length for the beeswax to catch. Hair on the bikini and legs needs to grow to about 6 mm for hair removal.

4. Using a razor will always scratch the skin

Mistake: old razor and no hair removal cream
Many people keep their hair removal razors in the bathroom for several days, weeks, or even months, and reuse them. However, if you want to shave your hair clean, it is best to use a new blade, because it is closer to the skin and prevents redness from growing after hair removal. Buy a batch of disposable blades and throw them away after using up to four times. The hair removal cream not only prevents the skin from being irritated by the razor blade, but also removes an extra half millimeter of hair. Applying a hair removal cream to the hair removal area can make the hair stand upright and remove hair more effectively.

5. It still hurts after hair removal

Mistake: Hair removal during menstruation
During menstruation, blood flow increases due to hormonal changes, and each external stimulus will be amplified. Therefore, at this time, you will feel pain if you perform hair removal with wax or use an depilator. Therefore, the best time for hair removal is ovulation.

6. Skin pores become larger and easier to dry out

Mistake: skin care cream was not applied in time
After hair removal, you must add moisture to the dry skin in time. Rinse with warm water first, and then apply with a toner that has a firming effect without fragrance ingredients. Finally apply a small amount of a refreshing moisturizer.

7. Easier to tan after hair removal

Mistake: Hair removal when skin is fragile
If you usually use retinoic acid for skin care, it is best to stop applying retinoic acid one week before waxing. Although retinoic acid can prevent skin aging, it also embrittles the skin at the same time, so when hair removal with beeswax, the skin layer will be pulled up along with the hair. After sun exposure, it is not advisable to remove hair when the skin is irritated.

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