There is a kind of embarrassment, called the summer wearing a sling forgot to remove hair!

Wake up in the morning, habitually look at the weather forecast first, such a hot day, it is estimated that girls have put on small slings and sleeveless shirts.
Are the hairs that everyone has left cleaned up properly?

I have met a goddess-level girl on the street before. I can say that she is full of value and dress. I have looked back at her many times.But I did not expect that she raised her hand and revealed the thick hair under her arm.




Even the high-profile actresses are embarrassed if they don’t pay attention to hair removal.

Tang Wei wears cheongsam to show temperament, but the mane makes her deduct a lot of points. Britney didn’t clean her hair, it didn’t look sweet at all.

To be honest, if you want to be a real exquisite girl, the details of hair removal can not be taken lightly, especially in the summer season when the legs are exposed, whitening and hair removal are equally important.And if you want to go to the beach to enjoy the sun, the waves, the beach, and wear a beautiful bikini, it is not an exaggeration to call hair removal.



Therefore, in the summer, no hair removal, no cockroaches can be exposed, everything is vain.

Today we will talk about those things that are hair removal. How to pick hair removal products? For “hair removal”, each little fairy has its own set of methods. From knife scraping, hard wax, hair removal cream to expensive laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal surgery

The common laser hair removal procedure is based on the destruction of hair follicles to remove hair, the effect is the most durable of all methods.

However, it is also more troublesome. Generally, it needs to be performed once every 14~35 days and continuously for more than 5 times. It must be taken on time or it will affect the effect.



The biggest drawback is: expensive!

Hospitals generally charge by part, thousands of parts, and at least 10,000 in the whole body. In addition, pregnant women, menstruation, scars, varicose veins, acne eczema, dark-skinned people with caution! ! !

Household hair removal instrument

The household hair removal device is actually a simplified version of laser surgery. You can perform laser hair removal at home. The principle is basically the same, the process is the same, you need to remove the hair before you go to the instrument.



The disadvantage is also: expensive. Although it is more cost-effective than laser surgery, the price of the big-name and easy-to-use is also 2-3k. For girls who only clean their body hair daily, the price is a bit high.

The two methods mentioned above are more expensive, is there a cheap hair removal method?

Hair removal hard wax

Speaking of hard wax, it is the existence that many people love and hate. It is cheap, and it is quick, accurate. The operation is simple and rude, and it is most suitable for lazy people.

But the disadvantage is: a little pain! I believe that the girls who fear of painhave tried this method know how cool and sour the tears are.

However, it varies from person to person. Many people also think that it is not painful to use hard wax to remove hair, and they enjoy the process very much. After all, it’s really convenient, you can use it at home.


The shaving machine is the cheapest and most convenient way to use the skin to become smooth and delicate.

Although the effect is not long-lasting, but if you choose the right product, the shaver can be said to be all of the advantages: completely painless, not irritating to the skin, suitable for almost all people. But the biggest drawback is that you will scratch if you accidentally.

I used to use a razor, and I accidentally scratched myself, but I didn’t say it. Looking at the long and short blood marks on the calf, it is also awkward.



Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream is a kind of hair removal method that I prefer. It is fast, effective and has no pain.But girls who have used hair removal creams know that many hair removal creams on the market are very pungent, some are used on the skin, and even have a burning sensation.


What is your most common method of hair removal? If you are a person who likes to experience, if the time economy allows it, try to find the best method for you.


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