Upgrade version of the super detailed novice hair removal tutorial! Hair removal cream recommended!
hair removal

Overview of my hair

  1. The legs are not hairy, not black, but messy and long, not visible in normal social contact, but visible a little closer.
  2. The hand hair is very little, but it is still very long,messy and disorganized,  affect appearance in summer.
  3. The armpit hair is longer but also less, and it is not so good-looking to wear a sling for photos, which is actually not that important at ordinary times.hair removal

Items needed for hair removal

    1. Hair removal cream (I used lifestance hair removal wax beans, which was very popular, mild, and really good for use. I still kept half of the hair removal.)
    2. Home wax warmer ( only want emergency, you don’t need a backup, because wax warmer could help you make the wax beans be melt, the it could be used in inhibiting hair growth, not hair removal!)
    3. Spray (Avene , Uriera mineral water spray, mineral water can also be put in the spray bottle)
    4. Wipes (25 pieces over my body to wipe off the waxing cream).Moisturizing body lotion (no acid, whitening, pure and gentle moisturizing, always in the last step)

Hydrating spray


  1. Take some wax cream(which has been melted with the lifestance wax warmer, and apply it thickly to the part with body hair (small area), set an alarm clock (3 minutes) and rub it on after 3 minutes to see if it is clean. This step is used to check whether you are allergic to the this cream and if the hair removal cream stays on your legs for a few minutes, it will be clean.(five minutes for me.) if you notice an allergy, wipe it off immediately and then wash it. If you notice any hair residue, add another minute or two until the hair is clean
  2. Spray on the area that needs make it removel, then pat gently, and you can apply a large area of hair removal cream when it is about 90% dry.
  3. Set the alarm clock (must set the alarm clock, because the time to hair removal in 3-8 minutes is appropriate, do not exceed 10 minutes ~ would rather be divided twice).
  4. Tear the wax cream which has been dry after 10 minutes. Then wash the hair removal area with room temperature water (because there will be residue). Do not use cold water or hot water with high temperature to avoid irritation.
  5. After drying, use depilator (wear sunglasses)


  1. Don’t use it after taking a shower, because it can damage your skin with enlarged pores
  2. Do not use body lotion or aloe vera gel after wiping off the wax cream.
  3. Set an alarm! Or you’ll lose track of time!
  4. Cm hair removal cream has strong fluidity, it is not easy to apply when taking off armpit hair, you can use your hands
  5. The lifestance wax warmer won’t make the hair removal! Instead of he just could be get the right temperature which could make the wax beans be melt. And how much you could used is depend on your skin.
lifestance wax warmer

lifestance wax warmer

 Personal Suggestions:
  1. If you’re lazy, don’t buy a depilator. Wax warmer needs to be used continuously for a year to produce results
  2. For emergency situations, if you want to look great in shorts in the summer, start shaving now and use a depilator.
  3. Hair removal cream must choose gentle, it cream cannot take off labial hair, have the this products that take off labial hair specially!
  4. The hair removal varies from person to person, hair growth is there is its reason, in the hair does not affect the beautiful situation, in fact, do not need to pursue it too much, for example, my mother, hair almost can not be seen, that does not need any hair removing~
  5. 👏 👏 👏 finally, wish you more and more beautiful ~ love you!



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