Very comprehensive whitening skin care tips, no longer worry about skin deterioration

The way to whiten skin faster is to say moisturizing. It can be said that moisturizing is a prerequisite for whitening skin. Secondly, moisturizing and whitening skin care, facial exfoliation, first layer of skin Moisturizing lotion, which provides high-efficiency moisturizing and moisturizing skin, and promotes whitening skin; that is to say, sunscreen isolation can only maintain the skin at all levels, so that it can quickly and efficiently whiten skin; ultimately, diet therapy, more Eat some fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C.

First, the fastest way to whiten facial skin

Drink more water

Many people think that drinking more water has no practical effect. It is very ugly to drink more water every day. But in fact, this method is very simple and reasonable, but it must be persistent and can be seen for a long time. actual effect. Because people’s skin tends to be not smooth, dull, yellow, a large part of the reason is that less water is triggered, so the market is also a lot of skin care products, skin care products are all hydrating, but this is to hydrate the surface Moisturizing, the water will fade after a while.

Therefore, in order to save money, these goods that only moisturize from the outside can not fill the water with more water than themselves. When the skin has a high water content, some of the long-term waste in the skin cells can be taken together. And if it is caused by long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, the basal metabolic rate can be enhanced according to moisturizing, and the pigment can be cleaned and cleaned, and thus has the practical effect of rapid whitening. Therefore, it is necessary to drink more water when whitening the skin.



The long-lasting stratum corneum deposits on the surface of the skin, which makes the skin look dark yellow and not smooth, and it should be noted that not only the stratum corneum appears on the face, but also the horny layer exists in every position of the human body, so it is willing Whitening the skin, you must exfoliate the face on time, and the face of the whole body exfoliate, if there is almost no people who have come to the stratum corneum, the first facial exfoliation will be more prominent.

Putting on how to exfoliate, the proposal for everyone here is to buy some shower gels with facial exfoliation effect or professional exfoliating facial cleanser, and to carry out the full application, the effect of acne marks is quite remarkable. of.


Moisturizing whitening care

The most important natural desire for whitening skin belongs to the moisturizing and hydrating work. After cleaning the skin, apply a layer of lotion to the skin, and gently pat the lotion to let the skin pores digest and absorb water. In the last moisturizing lotion, the skin is highly hydrating and moisturizing, and promotes whitening skin.


Efficient moisturizing

Ensuring that the skin cells have sufficient water is a prerequisite for whitening the skin. The hydrating mask is an artifact that provides high-efficiency moisturizing and moisturizing to the skin. It is usually 1 or 2 times a week, so that the skin cells can efficiently moisturize and maintain the best. The whitening situation, and can be radiant and tender from the deeper level.

Second, the fastest way to whiten the skin


Daily sun protection can’t be less

I am willing to skin whitening skin in addition to cleaning, usually pay attention to the skin’s sunscreen isolation, it is very necessary to do a good job of sunscreen isolation in the summer when going out, sunscreen is an indispensable job in the door, in the ultraviolet light Obviously, the sun umbrella was used to maintain the skin.


Bathing whitening body

If you want to whiten your body, you can do it by bathing.


Milk bath

The cow’s milk has more nutrients and has the practical effect of pure natural moisturizing and hydrating. It can also whiten the skin reasonably and maintain the skin’s ductile gloss.

Practice: Mix the milk and water according to the ratio of 1:1, pour into the tub, and take a bath. At the time of bathing, you can gradually massage your hands on the skin to promote the skin’s stronger digestion and absorption of nutrients in the milk.


Lemon slice bath

Vitamin C in lime is antioxidant, dissolves pigments and helps whiten skin. Put the lemon slices into the boiling water, and the single essential oils contained in them will be released, which will not only improve the acne effect, but also fill the skin with fragrance.

Practice: Cut the fresh lime lemon into a prepared boiling water immediately, and then bathe it after a while.


Diet therapy whitening body

Vitamins and nutrients in many ingredients can help to properly whiten the body.


Drink more water whitening

Drink a certain amount of warm water of 2000ml per day, or drink lemon juice, which can reasonably promote the dissolution of pigments, and inhibit the theme activity of melanocytes, remove endotoxin from the body, and whiten the skin.


Eat more foods containing vitamin C

Vitamin C has very good anti-oxidant properties, can reduce melanin deposition and help whiten skin. For the time being, you should eat more tomatoes, kiwi, lime, hawthorn, fresh green leaves, vegetables and fruits with vitamin C.


Eat less fried spicy food

Frying and irritating foods can easily accelerate the setting of body pigments and make the skin darker. If you want to whiten your body, you should avoid eating fried and spicy food. Commonly used are freshly ground coffee, cola, onion, garlic, star anise, pepper, pepper, and skewers.


Third, fast whitening should pay attention to what

1, hydration

It can be said that hydration is a prerequisite for whitening. If everyone’s face is full of water, and then a series of exothermic reactions in the skin, the accumulation of toxins in the skin will be deepened, and the human skin will gradually become laser.

Moisturizing work involves reducing the amount of moisture in the skin and increasing the amount of water that the skin can digest. In other words, if you are willing to whiten skin more quickly, moisturizing and moisturizing in daily skin care are all things you must pay attention to.


2, sunscreen

Many people often persist in skin care for a long time or can’t laser. One of the key reasons is that they are here in skin care, where they are exposed to the sun. It can be said that it is poisoned by the sun every day, and the skin care whitening for half a month can’t be changed.

Therefore, in the period of whitening skin, if you want to go out for a tour, you must do a good job in all-round sun protection work, even if you enter and exit some places where the lighting effect is more obvious, you must do a good job in sun protection. Only the full-scale maintenance of the skin can be used to quickly and efficiently whiten the skin.


3, food

Some ingredients have the necessary anti-acne effect, such as some fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C. Nowadays, the research and development of the human body has a relatively large connection with the various nutrients necessary for the body. Many people can’t turn white, the main reason is partial eclipse, so we must ensure the nutrition mix of daily diet.

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