What should I do after waxing?

What should I do after waxing?


So, you just got the wax, what’s next? Of course, enjoy your smooth skin and aftercare!

Like other forms of skin care, continuous care works best. Skin care is not a panacea. You can’t just set it and forget it. For best results, you must leave a few minutes in your daily work to maintain your skin. We guarantee it worth it!


24 hours after waxing

Most nudity babies can resume normal activity immediately after waxing, but if your skin is sensitive, these tips can help you get the best exposure experience.

You may experience a little sensitivity 24 hours after the waxing treatment – this is normal. Waxing not only removes excess hair, but also removes keratin from the skin, which means that just a few hours after waxing, the skin that has just been exfoliated may require a little thin layer chromatography.

If your skin is sensitive, we recommend that you avoid exercise, tight clothing and UV exposure for about 24 hours. Tightness and sweating from tight clothing and exercise can cause unwanted irritation to freshly waxed skin. If you are exposed to UV light shortly after waxing, your skin is more likely to burn, so give yourself 24 hours before tanning.


Don’t shave between appointments

If you wax regularly, you don’t need to shave between two appointments, your hair will naturally start to sparse and grow slower. If this is your first time waxing, please allow the hair to grow long enough for your first waxing process to work. Shaving between appointments can cause you to abandon the growth pattern, which makes it harder for technicians to remove all excess hair. Allowing your hair to grow as planned ensures that the waxing process is fast and efficient.


keep smooth

To avoid hair ingrowth and promote skin health, we recommend removing the keratin from the shower at least every other day. This helps remove dead skin and allows new hair to grow out without being blocked behind the dead skin.

We also recommend the use of post-treatment serum. Our serum smoothing agent can be used only once a day to satisfy your post-care needs with a serum!

We can’t put enough pressure on it to maintain your skin after waxing. The aftercare program is designed to protect you from collisions and ruptures and to make the next wax as effective as the first wax.


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