Will long-term makeup make the skin worse?

Will long-term makeup make the skin worse?


Beauty girls are more or less make up on and go out, so everyone will care about one question – will long-term makeup make the skin worse? The answer is no.

If the makeup will hurt the skin, how do the female stars who need heavy makeup every day maintain a good skin condition? Moreover, the star’s makeup time is much longer than our average person. People who love make-up often tend to pay more attention to skin care, clean the skin reasonably, and care for the skin in detail. The skin condition may be better than those who do not pay attention to skin care every day.

So, what are the reasons for the cosmetic skin getting worse?


NO.1  Does not clean the skin carefully

Many girls have made up their makeup, and they have a busy day. At night, they have not done a good job of removing makeup, which leads to poor skin. The makeup remover is not thorough, even if the makeup is not washed directly, or if the facial cleanser is not used, the cosmetic ingredients will remain on the face. In the long run, the skin naturally becomes worse and worse, the pores become thicker and thicker, and the skin color becomes darker and darker. sink.


NO.2  Improper makeup remover

The skin is weakly acidic, so skin care products and makeup removers also need to be weakly acidic. However, some makeup removers on the market are alkaline and easily irritate the skin. After removing the makeup, our skin may be tight, dry, itchy, red and so on. Therefore, choose a gentle makeup remover to better care for your skin.


NO.3  Irregular cleaning of cosmetics

Unclean skin care products can also affect skin health. According to research, in a stuffy house, we use a sponge puff for a week without cleaning, which will breed 8W+ bacteria. The makeup tool is easy to absorb bacteria and dust. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will affect the pores and cause damage to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that girls clean the makeup tools about 1-2 times a week.


NO.4  Frequent makeup

In fact, the effect of light makeup on the skin is almost negligible, but heavy makeup will put a heavy burden on the skin. If it is made with heavy makeup every day, it is inevitable that the skin will deteriorate. It is necessary to let the skin rest for a day or two, occasionally to make up the makeup, and it is also possible to make a thick makeup.


NO.5  Use inferior cosmetics


Harmful substances in inferior cosmetics generally contain pigments, flavors, preservatives, fluorescent agents and even heavy metals such as lead and mercury. These substances are extremely harmful to our skin. For the health of our skin, we should choose a regular and qualified product.

Regular products are marked with the cosmetic license number and the production license number on the outer packaging or in the attached manual. If you purchase special-purpose cosmetics, you should also have a special-purpose cosmetic lot number. Therefore, girls should be careful to buy, carefully check whether there is a national drug regulatory bureau for the record, can not covet the cheap, ruined the face.


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